UEFA Euro 2016 Game License Obtained By Konami

Konami has announced that it has gained the game license for UEFA’s Euro 2016, but it won’t be part of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. The most likely way Konami will use this license will either be a standalone title to release just before the tournament kicks off. Konami are remaining tight lipped on how it will go forward, though more information is expected early next year.

In a statement Konami said:


“The PES series is famed for showing football at its very best and is created by a team that truly loves and understands it. We are committed to representing EURO 2016 moving forward in a way that truly reflects the status of this epic tournament. EURO 2016 is a stunning gathering of European talent and we are committed to producing the definitive representation of top-level football.”

Konami already holds the license for the UEFA Champions League, so this acquisition is hardly a surprise.

Source: Konami



  1. Massive scoops from Konami. If they keep acquiring these licenses I may jump ship from fifa, the lack of licenses in pes is what stops me buying it.

  2. In my younger years I was a staunch fan of ISS, latterly PES, all the way up to the abomination of the first couple of iterations of PES on the PS3 (or was it PS2?). Anyway, since those dark days, FIFA has been my choice and like Tony, the inclusion of full licences has really helped cement my choice.
    FIFA15, particularly the FUT channel, has really grated with me. I find that in the gameplay it feels as though the engine is playing more than I am, particularly balancing out game results over a period of time…
    Fast forward to this morning and I’m watching a PES 2016 gameplay when the nice chappy explains how the custom options file is making a comeback, which means that we as the users can import created full kits and emblems! Which in turn means that the need for a FIFA licence is muted somewhat!

    I might just switch camps this season.

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