PES UEFA Euro 2016 Out Now

Konami have released the Euro 2016 version of PES 2016 which includes the full version of PES plus a load of content related to the sporting event. If you buy the physical edition you will also be given a code for a series of myClub promotions for use within the duration of the tournament.


In the press release Konami make no mention of the free update promised to those who own the original PES 2016, but we presume that is still happening.

Source: YouTube



  1. England, Wales, Nothern Ireland, but no Republic of Ireland. Odd and disappointing

  2. Hm, isn’t the main image for this article on the front page that of Neymar? Looks like him if it isn’t, surely it’s someone in a Brazilian shirt either way???

  3. Tuffclub the EURO 2016 free update DLC was implemented on 24th March, and that’s what this should be a free DLC update because the content given doesn’t justify making a new boxed release.

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