Podcast: Episode 195 – Train Valley, Armello & Football Games

For this episode of the podcast we welcome a new podcast guest in the form of George Osborn, who you may know from his time at Pocket Gamer. He’s been playing a lot of football games, mostly Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, FIFA 16 and Rocket League, and decided that a comparison between these titles was required. It was really interesting to hear his views on the state of this sporting genre, and he really nailed down the differences between the games.

Kev and Lewis were also on this episode, with Lewis talking about Armello, which sounds both weird and really intriguing. Kev broke away from games this week, instead talking about the recent Justice League: Gods and Monsters film. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s an animated movie set in an alternate DC universe where the Justice League characters have a much darker tone to them.

My contribution to the show this week was to relate tales of my time with Train Valley, a puzzle game with simple mechanics that lead to incredibly difficult gameplay, partly due to the way it mixes in elements of mass transport simulators.

Finally, we of course feature the week’s news and the answers to your questions.

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1 Comment

  1. I agree. The podcast didn’t have a start like this in a long time xD
    We all know that The Last Of Us is either being made or will be made soon. Come on. It’s not a national secret or anything. Don’t be too harsh will the poor fellow.

    VR and Apple – not my topics.

    I always loved PES much better than FIFA as I got the impression that I have more control of what is going on at the pitch. While in FIFA I felt like watching a game on TV, with all the exciting bits, like real player names, clubs, the whole background of a real football game, but I can have that while watching them on CANAL+, when I play a console like I MUST have the total control of the game.

    The game Lewis is talking about sounds very nice. Would love to try it out someday.

    Cryptonium War Dude – why didn’t I think of this when creating my PSN account 
    I love cheesecakes :D and it’s great I started a really long conversation with such a question :D

    Ow and I assumed my ‘being in the TSA crew joke’ would get some attention xD George posted a tweet saying he’s ready to record the podcast to all of you guys and me :P

    Another good one. Hear you next time ^^

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