Lara Croft GO To Release On August 27th

Square Enix has announced that Lara Croft GO, the mobile puzzle game, will be releasing on August 27th.The game contains 75 puzzles across 40 levels in five different chapters, with each one having its own visual style. The story of Lara Croft GO is also not linked to any other games, with a separate arc having been created for this title. There are no difficulty levels to select with the game getting more challenging as you progress.

Lara Croft GO doesn’t have a point system either but unlockables can be gained by finding hidden items within the levels, though what the content is remains unknown. Lara Croft GO will be available on iOS and Android. A Windows Phone release is also likely considering Hitman GO and Relic Run are both available on the platform.

Source: Square Enix/Forums 

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  1. Lovely look to it. I think I might pick this up on launch. :-)

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