Lara Croft GO Is Coming To PS4 And Vita [Confirmed]



It appears Lara Croft GO will be releasing on PS4 and Vita as the trophy list for the game has appeared on Exophase, which scours the servers for any trophy information. It is an incredibly reliable source for this kind of leak. An announcement will probably be made during the PlayStation Experience which takes place on December 3rd at 6PM GMT. This will be the second GO title to be released on Sony’s consoles, following the footsteps of Hitman.

The full trophy list is below so if you want to avoid any spoilers now is the time to click away.

  • A True Adventurer – Collect all trophies. (Platinum)
  • Key of Snakes – Collected Key of Snakes. (Gold)
  • Key of Stones – Collected Key of Stones. (Silver)
  • Key of Spirits – Collected Key of Spirits. (Silver)
  • Atlas of Beyond – Discovered Atlas of Beyond. (Silver)
  • Archaeologist – Find a Relic fragment. (Bronze)
  • Historian – Complete a Relic. (Gold)
  • Preservation Society – Destroy all vases. (Gold)
  • Curator – Complete all Relics. (Gold)
  • Ophidiophobia – Kill the Queen. (Gold)
  • Getting Crafty – Stack two pillars. (Bronze)
  • Master Builder – Stack three pillars. (Silver)
  • Gathering Moss – Get crushed by a boulder. (Bronze)
  • Into The Abyss – Kill a creature by making it fall to its death. (Silver)
  • Put This Apple On Your Head – Throw a spear six nodes or farther. (Gold)
  • Immortal No More – Unearth the Shard of Life. (Gold)
  • Déjà Vu – Slay the same creature four times in a row. (Gold)
  • Back To Reality – Return from the Mirror of Spirits (Gold)

Source: Exophase via Twitter

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  1. Great stuff. As much as I liked Hitman/Deus Ex GO, Lara is easily the best of the three.

  2. Cool, I enjoyed the Hitman game on Vita, and another reason to dust the handheld off.

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