Wales Interactive Unleashes New Trailer For Soul Axiom

A new trailer for Soul Axiom has been released by Wales Interactive for upcoming first person puzzler Soul Axiom. In the game the mystery is centred around the main character’s life, where you must piece together who they were and what they did. At the same time all of the person’s memories have been uploaded to a server called Elysia, where they can be revisited to help unlock more clues.


Soul Axiom is currently available on Steam Early Access, and will be releasing on Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One at some point in the near future.

Source: Press Release



  1. What a genuinely good trailer. Was going into it with some trepidation and thought “oh, hell… here we go” but that was very intriguing. Top stuff. :-)

  2. Looks similar in style to their previous game Master Reboot which I am currently enjoying right now :-) I have enjoyed all their games so far!

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