Western Release Of Yakuza 5 Will Have All Japanese DLC Included

Sony has announced some details for the European & North American release of Yakuza 5 on PS3, including the fact it will include all the Japanese DLC released for the game. The main part of this DLC is called Another Drama and features small stories for each of the five protagonists. Yakuza 5 takes place across five fictional Japanese cities which are Kamurocho, Sōtenbori, Nagasugai, Tsukimino, and Kin’eicho.

There are quite a few side activities to do within the game including going to Club SEGA to play Virtua Fighter 2 against others over PSN. There’s also the rhythm game Taiko no Tatsujin available to play too. Other activities include for poker, fishing, bowling, batting cage, and UFO Catcher claw machine game. There’s no confirmed release date yet but Yakuza 5 is expected to release this year.

Source: PS Blog


  1. sega, releasing a non sonic game in the west? O_O

    • SPOILER EVEN THOUGH THIS SPOILER ALERT DOESN’T HIDE THE SPOILER: Turns out that Sonic runs a mob called the crazy Rings and is the main antognist. He also has an ongoing fued with the Mario Clan and seems to be funded by Godzilla.

      • Bugger! Now there’s no point buying this, as you’ve ruined the plot.

  2. If this was coming for PS4 I would probably get it on release. However, as both of my PS3s have near enough no space on their drives guess it will have to wait till I find time to go through my backlog.

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