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News Snatch: Just Cause 3, Sega Dreamcast, And Shrubbery

Greetings one and all, time for another round up of gaming news and we begin with Ubisoft who have posted a new trailer for the Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy, a pre-order bonus DLC pack for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The ageing duo team up to investigate a highly toxic plant that could be a threat to Londoners.

‘Dick and Dar Investigate Shrubbery’ sounds more like a Sunday evening tea time drama from the BBC rather than bloody third person action adventure, but who knows, could be good.

If you pre-order Just Cause 3 and are really good at making things explode you could win your very own island. Like, an actual land mass, surround by water.

Enter the Just Cause 3 WIN AN ISLAND contest and rack up as many Chaos Points as you can while you play. After 90 days* if you’re on top of the Chaos Points leader board, the island is yours!

However before you think you’re getting a tropical paradise, there is some small print.

Location of Island to be determined by Sponsor. All taxes and fees associated with purchasing and obtaining of Island (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, escrow, and closing costs) are the responsibility of the Winner. Sponsor does not guarantee the Island to be inhabitable, developed or reachable by any means other than a boat.

Happily you can just take $50,000 instead of the island. Well, you can if you live in the United States, as that’s another condition.

In other ‘nice things that we can’t have in Europe’ news, Japan is getting a load of Metal Gear Solid branded tech include phones, tablets and walkmans.


The Mad Max TV spot is predictably full off explosions. And cars. And exploding cars.

What is this? Futurlab won’t tell us but we’re guessing it’s a Wii U amiibo for Kai Tana, and that Velocity 2X is heading towards the Nintendo consoles.

Some new screenshots for Project X Zone 2 which includes images for new characters Hibana (Nightshade), Alisa Ilinichina Amiella (God Eater 2), Sylphie (Forgotten Worlds) and Miyuki (Ordyne). Plus there’s also returning characters Chun-Li (Street Fighter), Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken), Morrigan (Darkstalkers), Demitri (Darkstalkers), Pai Chan (Virtua Fighter) and Saya (Namco X Capcom).
This is Ghost Blade and will be available from September 27th, 2015 exclusively for Sega Dreamcast.

That is not a mistake, this really is a new Sega Dreamcast game. The title is being published by HuCast Games who are “continuing to support the SEGA Dreamcast console at the end of its lifecycle.”

Hey, want a Dishonored: Definitive Edition graphics comparison? Here it is.

Insomnia55, the UK’s biggest gaming festival that no one has heard of, is held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. If you pop along you will be able to get your paws on Homefront: Revolution and Rock Band 4, both of which will be playable at the event.

And Finally, how about a game which puts you in control of an adorably colourful character that, having eaten as much as possible, must now release copious amounts of gas in the vicinity of innocuous bystanders.

Yup, Gassy Mob is a game about farting on people. Delightful.


  1. 360 vs PS4? I think i’ll wait for a more definitive Dishonored: Definitive Edition graphics comparison. ;)

    • Worst bit about that is that it actually doesn’t appear to look much better either!

  2. Dick and Dar to investigate the bush incident, with future DLC installments reported to cycle forward a whole century and include the Hitler Tash saga!

    Soz, couldn’t resist, slap :P

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