Gran Turismo 6 Sales Revealed To Be Just 2.37 Million

The positioning of Gran Turismo 6 was always a little odd, as the game was released on PlayStation 3 in the wake of the PlayStation 4’s launch. This timing seems to have backfired on Sony and Polyphony Digital, as court proceedings in America have revealed that the game managed to sell just 2.37 million copies.

A legal battle surrounding the unlicensed appearance of VIRAG branding in Gran Turismo’s replication of the Monza track in Italy, with both GT5 and GT6 in the crosshairs, led to the release of these figures through court documents. They paint a dim picture of GT6’s sales figured, which are less than a quarter of the 10.89 million copies of GT5 sold.

Though this might be generally disappointing, GTPlanet noted that it still manages to eclipse the sales of games such as Driveclub, Forza Motorsport 5 and potentially even Project CARS – last seen passing 1 million sales back in June – which have all released on the latest generation of hardware.

With Gran Turismo 7 in the works for one of Sony’s best performing game series, they will doubtless be hoping that this was just a blip.

Source: VIRAG, SRL v. SCEA via GTPlanet


  1. If Sony had known what was going to happen with driveclub I think they’d have had GT6 on PS4 instead. Though obviously not having a decent racer didn’t harm the sales anyway.

    Given all the PS3-PS4 ports I’m surprised a Gran Turismo hasn’t been ported.

    • But driveclub is a brilliant game, sales have surpassed 1 million, also why port GT6 if they making GT7

      • I mean about the year delay. If they knew it needed a lot more time maybe they’d have wanted GT6 out on PS4 at launch instead.

      • I don’t think Sony have much control on GT releases though. Polyphony pretty much do what they want. Hence why there are lots of nice racers out there at the moment, but no GT7, and it could be 2017 before we see it.

  2. Should have been released on PS4. Would have been a superb launch title. Still GT6 is a great game so much content and fun to be had.

  3. A big hit compared to GT5, damn.

    Still, more than Forza yo.

    • They are estimating the Forza sales though. Not official figures.

  4. It was an odd decision, given that they must have known PS4 was on the way. I’m sure many people would have been pleased to see it on PS4 but personally i’ve had more enjoyment from Driveclub than i’ve had with the entire GT series to date.

  5. Well I used to really enjoy the first couple of Gran Turismo games years ago, bought GT5 for the PS3 when it was released, then took it back about 2 days later. It bored the pants off me! Obviously driving simulators aren’t my thing.
    I think V-Rally 1, 2 and DriveClub have been my favourite racing games.

    • You utter heathen, how could you not include the almighty Burnout Paradise in that list of favourites! Stand in the dark cupboard Satan :P
      Yeah, Gran Turismo has succumbed to the demands of the more-sim fan which suits me fine but alienates those that enjoyed a hint of arcade in the first few. I’ve enjoyed all 6 iterations but the timing of releases really does boggle the grey stuff. Onwards and upwards anyhoo, GT7 on t’new gen ;)

  6. It released relatively soon after GT5, had bad PR from microtransactions If I remember. Also I remember people saying that GT5 was better.

    And B-spec wasn’t there at launch.

    I’m confident GT7 will deliver.

    • On what basis? Sure it’ll no doubt look drop dead gorgeous but it’ll probably still have the same dire AI, horrible UI and loading times and everything else that they don’t seem to have improved upon in nearly two decades, despite 6 previous attempts across 4 generations of hardware!

      But I guess it’ll have that thousand and one’th skyline everybody has been itching for so it’ll still be the greatest of all time ;)

      Yeah you guessed it, I’m not much of a GT fan…

      • I’d have said GT6 was a big improvement in presentation with faster loading times, better UI, more racing tracks and more cars with fully detailed cockpits. I’m not sure it can be beaten on simulation physics on consoles either.

        The question won’t be will GT7 be any good, but whether it will impress amongst the much stiffer competetion of Forzs 6 and Project Cars 2 when the time comes.

      • Really? Must admit I only tried the Nissan demo and I didn’t notice any UI or loading time improvements over previous iterations…

        Physics wise I’m less fussed – if I want full-on physics I’ll go rFactor et al with a wheel on my PC, on the PS4 with a pad I want a fun *game* and that’s what I’ll be measuring it by. Project Cars failed in my eyes as a buggy mess so its sequel has an up hill battle, Forza 6 on the other hand is looking almost good enough to buy an xbox one for…

  7. I don’t usually enjoy other’s failures, but I can’t help thinking it serves them right.
    They switched off online support for a huge user base of GT5 so quickly, only to sell their badly timed GT6. At least the shot their own foot too.

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