Podcast: Episode 193 – Super Time Force Ultra, Vive Impressions & Until Dawn

If you want to know about VR then this is definitely the episode for you.Lewis, Kev and I were joined by Alphr’s Vaughn Highfield, who’s recently gone hands on with the HTC Vive. He spent quite some time telling us about the VR platform, as well as joining Lewis in discussing Until Dawn.

Also on this week’s show, I discuss the slightly bonkers Super Time Force Ultra, which is on PlayStation Plus if you want to give it a try. We’ve also got all of the week’s news, and the answers to your questions.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Another great podcast guys. I enjoy hearing about VR, it’s interesting to get proper impressions and this sense of presence sounds really good, no idea when I’ll get to have a go at anything more exciting than Google Cardboard but I’m looking forward to it. The microwave in Steins Gate is definitely open when they’re texting and it just seems like madness! I also grew up never looking at the microwave just in case it boiled my eyeballs, I’m pretty sure my current hand-me-down eighties microwave is still safe but I try to leave the room when it’s on anyway, hah. Thank for recommending Steins Gate, I’m really enjoying it, just got half way through the series and it’s ramping up nicely!

  2. Vaughn! Vaughn! Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaughn! I always think back at this episode and laugh :P

    Kind of great that Enemy Unknown is getting a PSV release, as I wanted to buy the game anyway and sleep function of the Vita sounds perfect for it. I played it on PS3. Loved it….wait a sec, is the game getting a boxed version on PSV?! Hope so.

    More cloud storage is always better. Thanks SONY.

    I think watching someone play a VR game is not doing the thing, so when I watched RIGS from GG it just shown me a glimpse of what VR has to offer. Even that interested me a lot, but still I’m kind of scared of how it moves me away from real people sitting next to me and being to engaged into the second world…too many sci-fi films.

    Until Dawn will have to wait for a decent price drop for me to be interested in that. First of all I don’t like horrors and being scared. Second I hate stupid teenage movies. Sound like it’s not a game made for me.

    Now that is a surprise to be honest. Seems like the biggest game coming out lately. Surprised not even one of you bought it.

    Good ones lads ^^

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