Flame Over Releases On 16th September For PS4

Laughing Jackal has announced that the PS4 edition of Flame Over will be releasing on Wednesday 16th September. The game originally released on the Vita and Steam earlier this year. However Flame Over will not be a Cross Buy title due to the differences between the PS4 and Vita editions. Laughing Jackal’s Ross Brierley gave a bit of an explanation.


We added quite a bit of extra stuff to PS4 much of which couldn’t be done on Vita from a technical standpoint, so it wasn’t really plausible or fair to throw both sets of players in together. However, what this does mean is that both versions play to their own console’s strengths and a Vita patch is in sub that will bring it as close to the PS4 version as we can. Hope that answers your question.

The PS4 version will boast the following enhancements:

  • Enhanced graphics including real time shadows and bloom. It will be 1080p 60fps.
  • A tutorial that allows players to experience the first two levels with all the equipment unlocked.
  • Additional rooms and secrets.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. As a buyer of the Vita I just hope the equipment unlocking come to that version because it’s a great little game made so very very hard because you grind and grind dying over and over to get the next thing and it all feels a bit stab in the dark. Seeing what everything does and understanding it properly would help :)

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