What We Played #248 – Doom Beta, Quantum Break & Dark Souls III

It’s a slightly quieter period in terms of game releases at the moment, but when you’ve got titles like Dirt Rally, Dark Souls III and Uncharted 4 here or on the horizon, there’s little fear of being bored. Of course, we’re now only a few months away from E3 and all of the joyous frenzy that’s liable to cause, before the jam-packed run into the festive season. In fact, I’ve managed to sum up the year already, before it’s even begun, when I should really be focussing on the here and now, and what we’ve played over the last seven days.

I’ve managed to fit in an eclectic mix this week, starting with my review of Quantum Break, which, nearly a week after completing it remains a memorable experience and well worth checking out if you’re an Xbox One or Windows 10 gamer. I can’t see it opening the door for a legion of TV-show equipped games, but I do hope we see more people trying the format out.

I also finished off Rise of the Tomb Raider, which takes my Christmas pile of shame down to four. Unfortunately with games like Mad Max and The Phantom Pain languishing there it could be a while before I make my way through the rest of them. I had a brief blast with Titanfall, which I had to replay the tutorial of since it had been so long, raced around in Forza Horizon 2 – Fast & The Furious, tootled about the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo, and also had our obligatory weekly LEGO Dimensions session with Noah.

Tuffcub meanwhile is working on the Ratchet & Clank review, I think a few of us have it pre-ordered, so thankfully we will get to play it ourselves soon, while he laughs at us for being so behind the times. He’s also managed to play some Flame Over and Superbeat Xonic on Vita, the latter of which was great on a recent train journey, while at home he tucked into the Doom Beta, Godzilla, and Trackmania Turbo, with Mad Max on the horizon for next week.

Aran wrote a review of indie platformer Candlelight which he enjoyed, as well as one for Blues & Bullets Episode 2 which really needs the next episode to arrive swiftly in order to maintain its momentum. Like Tuffcub he took a shot at the Doom Beta, and similarly just wasn’t drawn into it in the way he was hoping. At least as a beta there’s a chance things will get better, right?

Another review took much of Dave‘s time this past week, in the form of the mighty Dark Souls III, with the later bosses proving to be particularly challenging. At least once you beat them there is an immense amount of satisfaction to be had, with Dave amongst the first in the world to take bragging rights. He also got stuck into Quantum Break, though Aidan Gillen’s accent is causing him some problems given how transient it seems to be. He’s also commuting his way through Earthbound, and was strangely satisfied at having a poo join his party. That sounds more like South Park to me.

Miguel was the only member of the team that had a good time with the Doom beta, calling it “really fun”, which should give us all some hope for the full release. He also previewed Banner Saga 2, and worked on his review of Stranger Of Sword City, which is probably why he’s been a little quiet this week!

Tef and Kris have both been at Rezzed yesterday and today, with hands on time with all manner of games. Tokyo 42 is Tef’s highlight so far, with a gorgeous art style and an isometric GTA-like vibe. Kris has already written up a preview for The Turing Test, and there’s bound to be plenty more articles over the next week. Look out for a game called Reigns, which combines medieval kingdom management with Tindr, of all things!

Oh, and Tef also played Miitomo on the BAFTA red carpet…

But that’s enough about us, what have you been playing?


  1. Just a few rounds of DOTA2 this week.
    Planning on checking out the Battleborn beta this weekend.

  2. Well as BT are a bunch of dick-handlers I’ve not played much online – I should have been playing The Division and DiRT Rally.

    Instead I have mostly played Minecraft with my eldest son; and platinumed Driveclub last night (no. 102). It was rather unexpected since I thought I was miles off getting the “Credit Where It’s Due” trophy, but turned out I only needed to play 3 events (I was actually only playing it to complete the recent DLC to restore my 100% trophies to Driveclub Bikes). So one that popped I figured I’d get the remaining 500K drift points for the platinum. Now I just have a long slog to complete all the many DLC events!

  3. PGA Tour with Forrest and Pixel.
    Binding of Isaac … still no sign of the afterbirth dlc.
    Trackmania Turbo, now up to 151 gold medals (and as Ted didn’t notice my update last week, I also have the trophy for getting 50 trackmaster medals).
    Currently waiting on Dirt Rally arriving along with some PSN credit so I can buy Enter the Gungeon.

    • *Tef, not Ted … bloody auto correct.

  4. Just The Division again. Although after breezing through the bottom arc of the map I’ve suddenly hit a brick wall; I’m getting swamped by 10-15+ bad guys with every encounter and despite being at least 3 levels below me they can take me down ridiculously easily all of a sudden. I have no idea what’s changed :/

  5. Played mostly the Division, and I also noticed the game suddenly got quite a bit more difficult, but that’s a good thing. There’s so much to explore and I got this perk that shows me all Intel on the map, which is cool for cleaning things up.
    Then I tried the Unravel demo, which looks really cute, but it didn’t really drag me in. Finally, I just played some OlliOlli2, which is much better than I expected. Might give that a go sometime again in between Division missions.

    Apart from that, I was struggling with my Synology thing in the corner, which got almost completely useless due to an update, slowed down extremely, takes some minutes to display a simple list of movies. I’ll never again buy anything from Synology, they’re just synonymous to an incredibly bad user experience. To my PS4, it still doesn’t want to connect.

  6. Been playing Trackmania Turbo and got to the Red league whatever that is called (that was Monday and DiRT Rally have taken me over since!)
    Played DiRT since Tuesday and had a blast with TSA (a TSA Meet that I haven’t joined since ages… guessing that last meet was Killzone) Loving the DiRT Rally and cannot wait to play it even more this weekend. Also bought White Xbox 1 with Quantum Break unfortunately I cannot get off DiRT xD but do play Gears of War on between and almost Rank 100 with 8500 kills aiming for the 10,000 for an Achievement. Really need to get back on Trackmania xD

  7. After completing ME3, I ventured into Dark Souls. I elected to do a heavy melee build and today, realised that it was a mistake! Should have went for a medium melee build. Fortunately, only 12 hours long is my playthrough so not much is lost. Sure, I’m going to lost everything but Arnor Londo is not really hard to get to and well, I think, i’ve gotten lazy with the melee build. No dodging, no real tatics. Just smash with Zweihande and repeat.

    So, going to go for a magic melee build. Probably cap off my strength at 30, vitality will be a priority same with int and fait. Endurance is well, if i can dodge a lot, probably do it at 20-30.

    But i should talk about ME3’s ending. Even with the extended cut, it sucks. Not the worst ending ever but badly written, badly executed and well, not really worthy of ending Shepard’s tale that way. The last mission was mostly crap though. Throwing enemies at the player is not a challenge! It’s a cheap way to pad out the gameplay and lazy. Should have been the Sucide Mission on steroids.

    ANyway, back to Dark Souls.

    I hate Blighttown.

    Oh and did i mention i can’t take part in the online part because i have shitty broadband? Yeah, that’s partly why i’m going “Feck it.” with my heavy melee thanks to Ornstein and Smough.

    Too slow and well, the sheer amount of souls i would need to retool the build is not worth the grinding. I would say it’s another 50 levels. May as well go back to the begining and lay the framework whilst it’s cheap.

  8. Quite a bit of Dead Star, that PS+ offering this week that some people may have just dismissed outright. It’s a lot of fun.

    Also Elder Scrolls Online has some sort of magic cake that gives you double XP, so I’ve been back at that. Found out I’d missed a whole chunk of the map out and ended up in a whole new area where I was struggling with all the quests due to not levelling up enough. Now the quests in the area I missed are all too easy.

  9. Some more MGS PP, there’s lots to like about it but i’m still getting used to the open-world setting.
    Some more SOMA, at station Theta and becoming frustrated in my attempts to circumnavigate the patrolling entity.
    A few Driveclub tour events, nabbing some double-fame, photos, and an incidental trophy that popped up whilst enjoying it.
    Assault Android Cactus – after numerous attempts i’m now certain which character is best suited to defeating the second boss – i just have to achieve that part next.

    Dead Star, i like twin stick shooter so i expected i would like this. Completed the tutorial but the last busy section i found it impossible to keep track of my teensy weensy ship among the drones and enemies on screen. Then when i started the main game i saw that it was taking me online to “find a match” and i got a sense that this was going to be a multiplayer-centric game of capture-the-base and i lost the will to continue.

    Zombi, it’s a slow burner seemingly. I’ve played it for an hour or so and i’ve encountered less than a dozen zombies so far. I think it’s going to need more time, time which i don’t have to spare atm.

  10. Grabbed GT6 Special Edition in the sale for £12 so that has monopolised my gaming week. Maybe I should have just got the normal edition though, as I’ve not really had to buy or tune a car to win a race yet because the Anniversary ones seem to have all race types covered.

    Except for the Electric race. Racing a Prius up an mountain in the Alps has to bet the most middle-class gaming experience ever. Who ever put that in the game was surely trolling Jeremy Clarkson.

    • If you ever fancy a race in the GT6 meets, they mostly still happen every Monday for an hour from 7PM. We’re a friendly bunch, no rivalries, absolutely none :)

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