Battlezone, Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality, And ADR1FT Confirm VR Support

Time for a quick VR news round up starting with Rebellion’s Battlezone reboot that had previously been revealed to support PlayStation VR game. The team were unable to announce Oculus Rift support when they announced the game but have now confirmed this is the case.


Also confirmed as a launch title for Oculus Rift is Mr #DealWithIt’s game (that’s Adam Orth in case you were wondering), ADR1FT.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to work directly with the Oculus team to bring ADR1FT to the Oculus Rift,” said Adam.  “The excitement we’ve seen from our fans around ADR1FT VR and the groundbreaking technology of the Oculus Rift is a special combination; short of actually being in space, this is the best way to experience zero gravity.”

The game is also scheduled for release on PS4 but the team have not mentioned PlayStation VR support.

Finally, for “numerous VR platforms in the coming future” it’s Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality, a specially constructed version of the Bossa Studios hit.

“Making players feel present and inhabiting the character of Nigel Burke has required a rethink of the original Surgeon Simulator concept,” say Bossa. “The tactile nature of accurately mapped VR controls has also meant that the game’s core physics based gameplay needs new game systems to preserve the difficult, comedy prone elements fans know and love.”

Source: Lots of lovely press releases


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  1. I was wondering Battlezone was until I watched the YouTube clip but gosh did that bring back some memories of my holidays when I as young. I think I’ll have to definitely have to get that and see if I can last a little longer than the 2 seconds of game I could used to get through, as long as does still come to Ps VR.

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