Free Oddworld DLC Coming To Rocket League

Psyonix has partnered up with Oddworld Inhabitants to bring some Oddworld based DLC to Rocket League, and the content will be coming later this year. The DLC will consist of various items to kit out your car with, including Abe’s head. While the full details are yet to be confirmed all of the Oddworld content will be free to all players of Rocket League.



In other news Psyonix is considering a release of a physical edition for Rocket League, which may add considerably to the already six million players that have taken to the field so far.


“We’re still trying to figure out the best way to approach it – what would people want in that physical version? People want there to be something cool in order to get them to double dip or feel like they are getting more if they are playing for the first time.”

If a physical release is ever confirmed would you consider buying it?

Source: MCV/Oddworld Twitter



  1. I would probably buy it, but I want it to come with a little model of one of the cars, and a ball, and a goal. So I can play Rocket League on my desk at work!

  2. A physical addition that comes with all dlc, a collectable, steam and/or PS4 version downloadable and a themed exclusive. So the PS4 version gets more cars like juggernaut from twisted metal or a horse carriage from The Order.

    And needs to be priced sensibly…

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