A Brand New Street Fighter Character Has Been Leaked, And Zangief Returns

Famitsu.com have jumped the gun slightly and posted news of a brand new character coming to Street Fighter V. The article was pulled quickly but not before enterprising NeoGaffers swiped a copy of all the images.

We don’t know much the new fighter other than she is called Laura but there is big discussion on how nice (or not) her hair is on NeoGAF. Judging by the screens she seems to have some sort of electrical attack which fries men to a crisp and quite likes hugging. I bet she only lists the latter on her online dating profile.


It has also been revealed that the big Russian bear, Zangief, will be a returning character.

Source: NeoGAF /Gematsu



  1. She looks straight out of Dead or Alive 5.

  2. It seems silly for them to announce big reoccurring characters to be in this game. Announce new ones or returning characters which haven’t been seen in the SF world for a while.

    • Indeed, we’ve ignored most of them returning character videos there have been so many, but as Laura was leaked I just tacked Zangief on. He is my fave :)

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