Volume: Coda Will Add New Story Missions And PlayStation VR Support

Lots of developers are experimenting with adding support for VR to their games, and you can add Mike Bithell and co. to that list, as he adds to his latest game with Volume: Coda.

It’s a free story expansion for owners of the game, and will launch the same day as PlayStation VR itself – though he’s smart enough not to let that slip, even if he does know when it is – bringing a new viewpoint into the game world by adapting it to fit a board game metaphor. You’ll play as The Troubleshooter across 30 new levels that tell the tale of a different set of characters to the main game.


Those 30 levels will be exclusively playable to those using PlayStation VR, but everything else will be compatible between PS4, PS VR and PS Vita – the Vita version is still just “coming soon”. That means that existing story and user created content will be playable in PS VR, while user content made using the VR level creation tools will be compatible with PS4 and PS Vita.

Today also sees the release of a patch on PS4 which adds new checkpoint modes and staff picked levels, with a 30% off sale running until November 4th.

Source: not so much a press release as a heads up