PS4 Exclusive Dreams Gets First Live Demo

Media Molecule has taken to the Sony PGW stage to show off its first live demo for Dreams. When we first laid eyes on the team’s latest project we knew straight away it was going to be something weird and wonderful.


Although we implore you to check out the footage above, here’s the gist. Dreams will allow players to create their own playable spaces, complete with handmade objects, characters, and rule sets. As in LittleBigPlanet there’s a big focus here on sharing between authors.

Unlike Media Molecule’s cutesy platforming series, Dreams takes a much more free-form approach. Players can move around the confines of each user-generated sandbox, interacting with objects using an on-screen cursor. The dream we saw in the demo had a quirky little bear attempting to reach the top of a level by finding balloons which could then be attached to a platform. It may sound dull on paper so do yourself a favour and check out the footage.

It certainly looks impressive and seems to be a natural progression moving on from LBP. What was even more amazing to hear is that all in-game assets are sculpted using the PlayStation 4 and Dreams creation tools.

Sony also confirmed that a beta will launch in 2016.



  1. Maybe they should put some game in their new game. Just a thought.

  2. It’s all very clever, don’t get me wrong, but it does seem a tad drab. The two mumbling guys in the video didn’t help matters. They said they were excited a few times but they might just as well have been taking about collecting stamps. LBP at least had the fun factor.

    If LBP was Toy Story, Dreams would be some Aardman creation like Flushed Away. Very clever and creative but boring as sin.

    Until we see more, I think this is going to be a very hard sell.

  3. It looks like a pretty cool creative sandbox, definitely something i would like to play around with. i’m thinking they still have a bit to go yet though and that beta will probably be late 2016.

  4. Looks interesting but I think its safe to say this game is going to tank. Nature of the beast when it comes to niche games I guess.

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