WiLD Gameplay Footage Shown, Bears Can Be Used As Mounts

Michel Ancel has taken to the stage to show Wild Sheep Studios’ WiLD, and gameplay footage that gives a look at the open world. In the footage that was shown on stage the shaman calls an eagle first to capture him a snake, and then a bear that can be used as a mount to traverse the environment. The snake is required to summon a godlike being that will help the shaman create an antidote to help a person in his village.


Upon reaching the snake sanctuary it is discovered there are a group of cannibals there. Attacking head on is dangerous so the shaman takes control of a rabbit to scout the area, and from there controls a crow that leads the rest of the crows to attack the cannibals. While the cannibals are distracted the shaman rides in on the bear and starts his attack. That is one way to approach the situation and other ways can be used to progress.

There are a number of sanctuaries throughout WiLD with each able to teach the shaman new skills and abilities, but each requires the presence of the correct animal before any power is bestowed. The animals can follow the shaman throughout the game, and their loyalties can be gained.



  1. Riding into combat on a bear. The awesomeness of that one idea has my interest. Summoning shaman gods and mystical magic also intrigues me.

  2. This looks quite good and a bit different. I liked the Eagle bit and look forward to finding out more about the other critters and their abilities.

  3. Looks pretty cool. Depending on how deep the gameplay is, I can see this being really enjoyable.

  4. I’ll keep a close eye on this it looks like it could be good. I’ll hold out for reviews though because I’m not sure how much depth there will be.

  5. It ‘bears’ some similarities to Wander, i only hope it’s as good!!!

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