Michel Ancel Shares New WiLD Screenshot

We didn’t hear anything about Michel Ancel’s WiLD during 2016. In fact the last reference we have to the game is when Stefan wrote a preview of the game after seeing it at Sony’s Paris Games Week near the end of 2015. Of course a lot of developers go silent during development to concentrate on making the game, but sometimes fans need reassurance that a title hasn’t been cancelled. Well Michel Ancel has placated that worry by sharing a new screenshot of WiLD, in which a character is riding a wolf.


Unfortunately there’s still no release date for WiLD but maybe we’ll have some more news about the game later this year.

Source: Instagram

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  1. Loved the look of this game when it was announced. Shame there’s been no solid info on it for so long.

    Here’s hoping it’s not the next NMS in terms of picking up a ton of hate. (Just for the record, I personally quite like NMS.)

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