Superhero Title Megaton Rainfall Flying To PS4 & Vita In 2016

Pentadimensional Games’ Alfonso del Cerro has announced that Megaton Rainfall, a first person superhero title, will be releasing on PS4 and PSVR in 2016. The game has been inspired by Superman and takes place on a real sized procedurally generated Earth. The aim of the game is to stop an alien invasion that has enveloped the planet, with the invaders killing humans everywhere. The main character is indestructible but the cities have life bars, and if any are lost then you lose.


Fights will take place across large terrains and in Space too, but you have to watch out for civilians below. One miss could see buildings collapse, crushing the fleeing people. Kill too many people and you also lose. The first power you gain, apart from flying, are energy blasts though more will be available throughout the game.

Source: PS Blog



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