Become A Superhero In Megaton Rainfall, Launching September 26th For PS4 And PSVR

Let’s face it. A lot of us have daydreamed about having superpowers at some stage in our live, and working out what ones we’d want as well as how we’d use them. Well from September 26th you’ll be able to experience being a superhero in Megaton Rainfall, which is releasing on PS4 and PSVR. This hero has the power of flight as well as projecting missiles at enemies, as well as super strength that can knock down buildings.


You’ll be able to scout all of Earth for threats, in the form of alien invasions. You’ll also be able to fly to the Moon and Sun, as well as what appears to be the rest of the Solar System. In a sense you’re basically Superman/Supergirl.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. That looks pretty cool, a bit like a god game but the scaling is impressive.

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