Civilization Revolution 2 Plus Announced For PS Vita

New Japanese units and leaders

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus, a slightly enhanced version of the mobile game, is heading to PlayStation Vita with a host of Japanese additions not found in the iOS version.

“In one particular scenario (“Journey to the West”), you’ll use TaiZong against Saladin (AI) to capture Byzantium,” explains Joe Faulstick from 2K. “The other scenarios, “Wrath of Emperor Kublai,” “Samurai Invasion of Korea,” “Z-flag Swirls,” and “Dark Clouds in the Pacific” all take place at different points in Japanese history.”

No release date has been given.


  1. This will be great on Vita… although will it be that much more playable than the mobile versions? Will physical controls add much? Only available on Cart in Asia (or Import)…

  2. I’m going to love this, loved Civ Rev 1, and it’ll be nice to finally have a decent turn-based strategy game on Vita.

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