Until Dawn Has A Spooky Halloween Update

Things that go pump-kin the night. Aha!

Until Dawn doesn’t really need anything added to it to make it the perfect Halloween game, but that hasn’t stopped Supermassive Games. They have hidden eleven pumpkins throughout the game for you to collect, although what happens when you find all eleven is unclear.

Sony have also released a Halloween trailer for the game listing all the awards it has won.

Source: Twitter


  1. So players will have one day to play through the entire game, looking for pumpkins?

    I’m not sure how long the game is, but that sounds like a bad way to spend the day.

  2. Pickle and peanut full screen ad is the scariest thing this halloween. SORT IT OUT!

  3. Anyone know what the reward was for this? Would have liked to have given this a go, but was too busy.
    It was a bit silly only doing it for a day.

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