Avatars Can Now Be Purchased For PS4 Through PlayStation Store

Sony has confirmed that one of the requested features by people, the ability to buy avatars for PS4 profiles, is now live though the selection is limited. On the UK store, for example, there are only LittleBigPlanet themed avatars, with the paid ones costing around 20p. There are a number of free ones available too. It appears the North American store may have more of a selection.


After some searching I couldn’t find a section through the store on the PS4, though I suspect a category putting themes and avatars together will appear eventually. If you purchased an avatar on PS3 it will be transferable to the PS4 profile over the next few days. The option to purchase avatars was part of a recent survey conducted by Sony for what people wanted in the next update. Another choice was the ability to change your PSN ID, so maybe that will roll out in due course.

Source: Twitter



  1. What America have a bigger selection! I’m shocked.

  2. Like you say there’s much choice at the moment but it’s a start.

  3. Yaaay!

  4. Why would anyone pay money for this if you can already upload any picture you want as avatar..?
    Is the feature called ‘sponsoring Sony’..?

    • If o remember correctly the photos uploaded is just for your profile but the avatars are for gaming online etc.

      • Ok, thanks, that makes sense. Well, it doesn’t really with regard to functionality, but there’s a difference.

  5. So it’s only really aimed at new adopters of the current Gen, seeing as those of us that still own PS3’s can choose from the vast array available on it’s shopfront, as it’ll automatically transfer across to PS4.
    Maybe Pickle and Peanut need new Avatars!! :P

    • No. We never need to see them EVER AGAIN.

    • Agreed but unfortunately I am still seeing them for some reason!

  6. I’m surprised it took so long to implement this.

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