Microsoft Is Overhauling Its Xbox Avatars Later This Year

Last gen, it’s fair to say that my Xbox 360 didn’t get anywhere near as much use as my PlayStation 3. If there’s one thing I loved about Xbox Live, however, it was the Avatars and now, in 2017, Microsoft is giving them a major makeover.

Set to roll out this Autumn a new Avatar system will replace the current one, featuring highly-detailed user creations. Powered by Unity, this updated Xbox feature includes a much wider choice of options for tailoring your online persona.

On the whole, it looks much more stylish and diverse, with prosthetic limbs, baby bumps, and wheelchairs being a few of the available options. Of course, there are plenty of goofy accessories and add-ons including masks, helmets, and – wait for it – a unicorn!

Source: The Verge

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  1. This seems to have been on the way for a couple of years now. They’ll probably scrap it 6 months later to free up resources.

  2. Wow, that’s some Disney standard stuff, very impressive. I wonder how much the unicorn will cost and, to quote Batman, does it come in leopard print? Pretty sure that’s what he said.

  3. No games, but fancy avatars… Nice…

    • Really? Because there’s an entire article that debunks the no games statement. I would link it but i cba to. Tis the E3 Xbox one.

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