Rainbow Six: Siege’s Season Pass To Cost £23.99, Will Include Extra Challenges

Ubisoft has announced what Rainbow Six: Siege’s season pass will include, and that it will be priced at £23.99. Season pass holders will get a week exclusive on the eight additional operators over those who don’t buy it, a permanent 5% renown boost to unlock items in game slightly faster, exclusive skins for the weapons including the Season Pass skin and the Safari skin pack. There will also be two extra daily challenges for season pass players to try out, and there will also be a bonus of 600 R6 credits.


The first content pack for Rainbow Six: Siege will release in January and contain two operators from the Canadian JTF2 counter-terrorism unit, as well as a map. All maps will be released for free for Rainbow Six: Siege for all players. The game will release on December 1st for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, after being delayed from its original October 13th release date.

Source: Press Release

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  1. So for around £75 you’ll get all the multiplayer content but still not have a single player campaign. Was looking forward to this but now I’ve no interest in it.

  2. When I seen that headline I thought it was going to say the game has been dropped down to £23.99. You know, with it only being half a game and everything. Paying £75 for a multiplayer only game is a joke.

  3. I’m not totally against content being bundled together. And Ubisoft, for all their flaws, don’t charge as much as other publishers do (think £40 season passes).

    I just think it would be madness to buy one on day 1. When you aren’t sure how the game will be like?

    And correct me if I’m wrong, but this season pass’ main content is loadouts? The rest of the stuff is useless really and look like they could be microtransactions in an f2p game.

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