Resident Evil 6 Rated For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

The Korean ratings board, who have previously outed the Gravity Rush Remaster and  Resident Evil: Revelations, have listed Resident Evil 6 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Capcom have not made an official announcement but they are rather fond of their remasters, and there was a PC version of Resi 6 that could be easily converted to the newer consoles.


On launch the game received fairly favourable reviews and was praised for bringing back some classic Resident Evil action. However, it also included a lot of over the top shooting action, and was ridiculously long.

Source: Gematsu



  1. I’d give this a go definitely. I know it wasn’t the greatest and I’m sure people said it wasn’t a Resident Evil game at times but I never got a chance to play it and would like to try.

    • Avoid it! It’s easily the worst resi game from the last few years. I hated it by the end. The same boss over & over & lots of QTE’s.

      • You’re not the first to tell me this but I think my curiosity will get the better of me.

        Is it completely different to 5? I actually really quite liked that game.

      • It is similar to Resi 5 but puts far more emphasis on shooting, qte’s. I must admit, I disliked the change to being able to move while shooting. I thought that took a lot of the emphasis away from survival which I thought worked well in Resi 5 particularly on starting on Veteran difficulty.

        Resi 5 is a better game. I would rather a Resi 5 remaster happen but going along the current timeline of things, it will invariably get a remake in 10-15 years.

      • Hadn’t realised you can ‘run and gun’ now, that’s a bit disappointing. Nothing was scarier than shooting the chainsaw guy, running away a bit to get some distance. Only for you to turn around and the bastard was much closer than you first thought.

        Would definitely play 4 and probably 5 again if they re-released.

  2. Got my fingers crossed on this one. Sure, its easily the worse RE game from the main series but I really enjoyed the co-op and mercenaries stuff.

  3. Odd choice to remaster, Capcom had a shocker with this one.

  4. Stick with Resident Evil 2 HD Capcom!!! Forget RE6 never played it stopped at 4 as it went downhill for me. RE 1-3 are the best.

  5. Must avoid.

    It all went off the rails after 4. Oh well, at least we got 4, one of the greatest games of all time (my favourite right up until The Last of Us came out).

  6. Really liked 4, enjoyed 5 despite it’s flaws, HATED 6. Awful, awful game.

    I was actually hoping they might call the next one ‘Resident Evil 6’ and pretend like this game never happened.

  7. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…no.

    Just no. Capcom. 6 is the worst entry into the franchise and it is mostly crap. Apart from Jake’s being interesting, it is generic, boring and annoying. The story is bland and you bloody wasted a Nemesis rip off. Seriously? You had a chance to make it pure horror and use that Nemesis fatso but instead, it’s just meh. Why, oh why are you remastering this pile of donkey doo? I mean, the demand for it is not there and 6 is generally disliked by the entire fanbase. Also, you have a healing PC yet do sod all with her and you fail to make a viable beat the crap out of everything despite the fact that jake can do that, playthrough. I mean, for god’s sake, if i am introduced to a PC that is fast and strong to the point that it matches a certain black leather trench coat wearing villian from the previous game, chances are i want to beat the crap out of everything. Along with surplexing, powerbombing, piledriving etc.. What? It’s fun to deliever wrestling moves on things.

  8. I didn’t mind Res 5, but I’m pretty sure I downloaded a demo for this on the PS3 and it was bloody awful.

  9. I don’t really get all the hatred of 6. I’m not for a second saying it is a fantastic game… but it’s very similar to 5, and even somewhat similar to 4, and yet everyone loves that. Since RE3 they departed big time from the classic formula. I absolutely love the classic RE games but sometimes I think it’s a a bit of nostalgia telling us these new ones are rubbish. I had an ok time with this as well as 5. Saying all that, I don’t want to play it again on PS4 thanks lol.

    • I think 5 actually knew what it wanted to be, for better or worse. They had a goal and a story to tell. It was a horrible RE game but a decent game overall. Very similar to 4 in gameplay.

      6 was a disaster. I remember hearing that they had over 600 people working on the game and it showed. It was as if 600 people ping’d their idea’s to whoever was in charge (i say WAS because I hope he/she isnt anymore) and they said OK. Too many cooks and bad project management.

      It was such a huge letdown after all the hype and promises. They said they’d listened to what the fans wanted after RE5. I just didnt think they’d listen to every single one of them. Mutant TREX? Why?

      They tried to please everyone and ended up pleasing no one. And made the movies look decent by comparison.

      • Because mutant t-rexes are erm……

        annoying? And er… a batman was involved? And er… Wesker got bored so he er… beat up the capcom staff in order to get his revenge by making the worst entry into the franchise and er….

        it was Barry’s fault for eating all the Jill Sandwhiches?

      • I actually thought they were drawing inspiration from Ghost Busters where you think your worst fear and it materialises but we didn’t fight a mutated copy of Resident Evil 6.

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