Team 17 Release A Sizzle Reel Of Their 2016 Games

It’s been a good year for developer turned publisher Team 17 and they show no signs of stopping as we head in to the new year. They have released a sizzle reel looking ahead to their forthcoming releases including Yooka-Laylee, Sheltered, and Allison Road.

Source: YouTube



  1. Should I watch this or just assume there’s 3+ versions of worms in it :-P

    • It’s a whole 109 seconds long. Which is as long as it takes to post a comment asking about it. Assuming you get to do maths problems and aren’t already logged in.

      Or aren’t using a phone, in which case it’s a fraction of the time required to post a comment. Unless you don’t cake about your penis doing the autocorrect thing and turning your carrot into something weird.

      • Cake your penis?

        What the bleep?

        Hang on, have i accidentally logged into the other TSA after dark again?

      • Haha, just MrYD highlighting the perils of using autocorrect/word suggest in his usual articulate and witty manor.
        I think it’s sometimes better to take 5, have a Hamlet cigar and spell a word or two slightly wrong, rather than have the phone suggest some mumbo-jumbo just because it’s quicker to do so :P

      • Oh, it’s always better avoid your phone using random words that have 1 or 2 letters in common with what you really meant.

        But it’s never funnier. And that’s what really matters. If it wasn’t so funny, everyone would have decided years ago that trying to type on something so small is a completely stupid idea. But we put up with it just because of those times when someone accidentally says penis to an elderly relative.

      • See what I did there…

      • Nope. I can’t stop thinking about penises now and I’m not paying attention.

        (Ok, that’s not entirely unsurprising for me, I’ll admit)

    • doesn’t every one “cake their penis?”

      • probably why mine’s wonkey =0

      • Quite odd that your avatar is wearing a skimpy black bra yet quite open to having everything else on show lol.

      • Same reason why Donald Duck wears a shirt. Just a shirt.

  2. Team 17 were big news back in the Amiga days, nice to see them expanding their portfolio after what feels like decades of Worms games. i’m looking forward to Allison Road and Yooka Laylee.

    • Very well put, fella. They were a force to be reckoned with but then they just appeared to churn out Worms and little else for god knows how long.

      This looks like a return to form.

  3. Hopefully Yooka Laylee is a good little platformer and the Sword thing looks like Medievil- sold on that. Of course, there was guaranteed to be a Worms game in there.

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