Some New Gameplay Shown In Latest Stories: The Path Of Destinies Trailer

Spearhead Games has released a new trailer for Stories: The Path Of Destinies, formerly Stories: The Hidden Path, which shows glimpses of the gameplay. The main character, Reynardo, is trying to navigate a world in which the rebellion is about to meet its climax against the mad Emperor. The action RPG will adapt to the choices players make in the course of the story, which will in turn affect whether the rebellion is successful or not.


You’ll be able to pick up materials and craft them into powerful swords, which in turn will have their own types of damage. Their effectiveness is enhanced by Reynardo knowing Sword Fu, is customisable so players can choose the way that Reynardo fights. Stories: The Path Of Destinies is expected to release in 2016 on PS4.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. Loving the visuals and mood of the game. Keep it coming. :D

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