King Of Fighters XIV Is Exclusive To PlayStation 4

SNK Playmore announced King of Fighters 14 for PlayStation 4 at the Tokyo Game Show this year and has now been revealed that the game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive when it is released next year.

It is rumoured the game will have 48 fighters, and will definitely be coming to the west as those attending the PlayStation Experience next month will be able to play a demo. King of Fighters XIV is the second fighting game to pledge allegiance to the Sony box as Street Fighter V is also console exclusive to PlayStation 4.

Source: SNK via Eventhubs


  1. Love these games and have played a few in the past. Was suprise to see this exclusive to PS4. This will dissapoint Xbox 1 owners.

  2. The bag of money from sony probably helped them decide.

    • It’s a Japanese developer, they rarely make Xbox games, so I doubt money was involved.

      • The last KoF game sold more on 360 than PS3, so I’m not so sure.

    • ‘be a small bag if true.

    • The irony hey, how is tomb raider

      • Not as good as the previous game tbh. Too much padding which sucks the life out of the plot. Hidden tombs are better though.

  3. Expect PS4 sales to rise in Mexico during its release xD

  4. Sony seem to be exhibiting a killer instinct for grabbing exclusives recently..

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