(Story Amended) Guns Up! And Fat Princess Adventures Are Out Today

Updated: Fat Princess isn’t free. Sorry, bit of confusion there during reporting. It actually costs £15.99/£14.39 for Plus members. Also Guns Up! will be on the European PS Store later this week.

Original report.


Expanding the library at a rate of knots, two new games were announced during the PlayStation Experience that are free to play today.

Guns Up! was the first and from the subsequent trailer looked to be some kind of RTS/Tower Defence hybrid with cartoony graphics. The game will include free DLC for those with PlayStation Plus, while those without would be able to buy it.

The second game is Fat Princess Adventures, which also had a rather amusing trailer filled with Love Hearts. This is also available now, will also have DLC to buy, and PlayStation Plus members will be rewarded with additional content.

It’s always nice to get something for free, but when it’s a sequel to a game that many enjoyed, it is potentially even better. Download it, come back, and tell us what you think!



  1. By “available now” they mean at 8PM. Possibly. But then I’ll be watching Doctor Who! On the other hand, that’s an extra long episode, so I’ll miss the start of The Bridge afterwards. So late night iPlayer shenanigans for foreign crime dramas…

    Which means I can download these things in an hour or so. Since you insisted, with exclamation marks and everything.

    Bloody internet, telling me what to do on my Saturday evenings.

  2. It’s saying £14.39 for fat princess for me on the store!

  3. Fat Princess Adventures isn’t free. It’s £15.99 (or £14.39 with PS+)

    And Guns Up! isn’t coming to the EU until Wednesday. Unless you want to do the “I’m in the US, honest!” thing. In which case you can play it in however long 1.456GB takes to download. Less than 10 minutes, even with the PSN being a little bit stressed at the moment.

    • My apologies for that. Very confusing segment there. The story has been amended.

      • Also the PS+ DLC for Guns Up isn’t free. And can’t be bought by non-PS+ subscribers.

      • And now they’ve fixed it! Guns Up DLC is Free for & exclusive to PS+ subscribers

      • Which isn’t much use when it’s not released here yet. You can download the game from the US store (assuming you’ve faked an account there), but not the free PS+ DLC unless you’ve paid for PS+ on that account too. Which would be silly.

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