Yakuza Zero Coming To The West

Sega have heard you. The cult franchise Yakuza, exclusive to Sony platforms since its inception, is now launching in the West with two new games.

The long overdue localisation for Yakuza 5 will be launching on Tuesday on PlayStation 3 in Western territories, which for some might be an unbearable wait. However the news that the first PlayStation 4 installment of the franchise will also be coming to the West will probably satisfy those loyal fans.

A brand new trailer was also shown off for the game, Yakuza Zero, showing Tokyo in a completely different light. It certainly looks rather stunning to say the least. While no announcement of when the game will be launching in the West was confirmed, the mere confirmation is a healthy sign.


  1. But no Ishin. I guess that’s not coming to the West, if we get the game before it and the game after and no mention of it :(

    Then again, any disappointment from Sony tonight is forgiven because they announced a Ni No Kuni sequel. They could have shot a cute puppy live on stage and I’d still forgive them.

    • Ishin is ostensibly Japanese. It would bewilder everyone western gamer. Agreed about nice no kuni amazing stuff.

  2. Thank goodness, looking forward to this!

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