ESRB Rating Appears For Max Payne On PlayStation 4

An ESRB rating has appeared for Max Payne for the PS4, with the most obvious suggestion being that it will be the original PS2 game releasing on the latest Sony console. There have already been three RockStar PS2 properties launched on the PS2 this week, with those being Grand Theft Auto III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas. Should this be the case then Max Payne will get some graphical improvements for its PS4 release, like the other PS2 games have.

While Rockstar now own the license it was Remedy Entertainment that first created the monologuing, tragedy stricken character. However both companies have not commented on the listing, and are unlikely too until they believe the time is right.

Source: ESRB



  1. Manhunt please manhunt. Make it happen Sony

  2. The Warriors and I’ll die happy

  3. Warriors and manhunt. Definitely would be a buy for me

  4. Warriors, manhunt and the GTAs on vita please

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