Lichdom: Battlemage Is Coming To Consoles This March

Lichdom: Battlemage, a first-person shooter that is already out on PC will be heading to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 22nd. The USP for this shooter is there are no weapons, just magic.

“The game is classic in its storytelling, yet completely unique in its gameplay,” said Christina Seelye, CEO of Maximum Games. “Like most magic games, there are definite RPG elements, but the game is pure action – through and through.”

Source: YouTube / Press release



  1. The title dictates that this is a game for me.

  2. Terrible title. They should have just called it Battle age.

    • *Battlemage. Bloody slowdown on my hudl’s typing interface.

  3. Let’s see then. A 19 month old PC game (or will be in March). PC price is £29.99 on Steam. It’s available for £3.69 currently from one of those places that does bundles of games.

    So what, £49.99 on PS4?

    • Here’s the thing: Time does not negate the costs of porting a game to consoles. That costs money, no matter how old the game is.

      • Of course. And then new costs for Sony or MS to do whatever they do before it’s released.

        Although how much of the original development costs are for stuff that doesn’t need porting? Graphics and sound stuff that can just be reused? Maps and game logic that doesn’t need to change?

        I guess even if you reuse everything and the game enginge is already available on another platform, you can still run into problems. Some weird combination of things could make the frame rate plummet on one platform and you need to adjust things.

        We’ve no idea how much the PS4 version will cost anyway. I’d suggest that if they’ve covered all their initial PC costs in 18 months, they might want to think about not charging even more for the PS4 version that involves a fraction of the work.

        And if they haven’t made a profit yet, they might want to charge less and sell more copies. I don’t think it’ll do too well on PS4 at the full PC price.

        Even if that does sound like a fairly reasonable price.

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