The Fifth 12 Deals Of Christmas Title Is Pro Evolution Soccer 16

Another 48 hours and another deal is now live on the PS Store as the 12 Deals Of Christmas promotion continues, and this time Pro Evolution Soccer 16 is up for grabs. Of course if you’re not sure on whether to get the game you can try out the free to play PES 16 MyClub to get a feel for it.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
Was €59.99
Now €29.00 (until 11.59pm 10th December)


Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Anniversary Edition
Was €69.99
Now €34.99 (until 11.59pm 10th December)

The previous deals have included discounts for WWE 2K16, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Mad Max.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Rather underwhelming offers so far. I recall feeling the same way last year too.

    With physical copies of these games being invariably cheaper through various outlets, particularly used copies, I’m left wondering how many Sony actually sell.

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      • By the expression on Carrots’ pic I think you went a bit too close Wonkey!

      • By the expression on Wonkey’s pic, I don’t think he agrees with you about that!

    • I feel the same way about the pricing structure, it seems at odds with the prices I can pay for a physical copy in the shops and then get some trade-in value for at a later date.
      That said, Sony have been using this structure for a few years now so I’m figuring that they have good sales rates and they believe the pricing structure to be at the best level for a sales to revenue ratio – Price the items too high and few people will buy, and conversely, price it very low and sell it by the bucket-load but they might not gain enough total revenue.

      • The deals will be much better for people in mainland Europe where prices are higher than us in the uk where we enjoy better pricing and reductions for physical copies.

  2. talking about terrible pricing on a gaming forum maximum preaching to the choir.

    The prices are such because they obviously sell enough to make it work. Most of my PS4 mates wouldn’t know a sixthgamer or a euroaxis if it punched them right in the blurays and just buy random games willy-nilly without looking at reviews or scouring pricecheck websites. They outnumber us.

    Before pricing is even checked the mere idea that the game doesn’t require a disk is a HUGE bonus as “getting up to change the disk is a right PITA”

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