PES 16 Free-To-Play Confirmed, Launches In December

A cut down version of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will be landing on the PlayStation store on December 8th for both PS4 and PS3. Sorry Xbox owners, you are out of luck on this one, no free version for you.

The game will include seven teams, including Bayern Munich, Juventus, AS Roma, Brazil and France, the Exhibotion mode, a training mode and the PES’ MyClub feature.


Konami say the free-to-play version is to give  an “overview of the game’s stunning levels of control”, and added that it will “be compatible with all future gameplay and content updates throughout the entire PES 2016 season”. Presumably that means there will be plenty of options to upgrade to the full game.

In other PES 16 news, Data Pack #2 is out on December 3rd.

Data Pack #2 adds 51 new likenesses to the player rosters, including Fernando Torres, Kevin de Bruyne, Julian Draxler, Jamie Vardy and Aleksander Mitrovic. Further players will be added in the coming updates. Along with faces, the rosters will be updated for all offline modes, correcting those missing in the previous Data Pack and covering all moves made until October 19th

Source: IGN



  1. Excellent, glad I didn’t get PES 2016 this year. This will do me for the limited number of times I play PES.

  2. Does anyone know why they have removed 2v2 online matches on ps4? Or if it will be added in a future update? The option is on ps3 but been removed from the ps4 version. Why remove it at all?

  3. I guess that explains why it took them so long to update the rosters.

  4. And with that, Fifa continued to kick it’s arse. Free to Play won’t help PES and if they are going down the “CHARGE FOR EVERYTHING!” route, it will fail. Konami, if you are just half arsing your only game, just stop. It won’t help and i can see PES ceasing to be a yearly franchise and just a massive online footie game.

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