Unravel Spins Its Yarn On February 9th

One of the big surprises over the last year was EA’s backing of the small studio at Coldwood Interactive and their nurturing of their fledgling game, Unravel. That Martin Sahlin was so clearly struggling to contain his emotions as he walked up on stage did a lot to win the audience over, but so too did the charming story and the adorable Yarny.

Thankfully, the wait won’t be too much longer, as alongside a new story trailer, it’s been announced that Unravel is releasing on February 9th, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: YouTube



  1. Beautiful. On the wishlist now.

  2. I’ll be picking up this charming tale day one.

  3. Looks good. Will it be a PSN game rather than a physical release?

  4. for some reason i had it in my head that this was an Xbox exclusive.

    i was going to comment that it looked cool but i wouldn’t be able to play it.
    but i see i will have that option.

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