News Snatch: SteamWorld Heist, LawBreakers, And Turok

It’s a rather busy day here at TSA Towers so we’re going to run through these at lightning speed. Ready? Here we go! We start with a launch trailer for SteamWorld Heist which is available now via the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Gearbox have opened a new studio in Quebec, whilst Bethesda have plumped for Montreal for their new studio.

Bayonetta is joining Super Smash Bros. and seems to be wearing considerably more clothes than usual.

ARK: Survival Evolved launches on Xbox One today for $34.99 and includes an exclusive bionic Tek T-Rex, Safari Hat, and Survivors Trophy.

A developer diary for LawBreakers in which we discover their studio must be bloody cold as they are all wearing hats and fleeces.

Mercedes-Benz has created an original Super Mario Maker Event Course that will be delivered with a special costume for players to unlock at no additional charge. The course, called Mercedes-Benz Jump’n’Drive, includes an unlockable Mercedes-Benz GLA costume that shows Mario in the driver’s seat. Once players unlock it by completing the level, they can add it to their collection of Mystery Mushroom costumes.

Steam controllers being built by Aperture Science robots.

The Eve Online: Operation Frostbite patch is out now and brings 13 new ships and several significant graphical updates.

The remastered Turok will be out on December 17th.

The Iron Banner event returns to Destiny on 29th December, just in case you have no friends and will be stuck at home alone on New Years Eve.

And Finally, another bonkers Japanese PS4 advert. Sorry about the rush today, normal service will be resumed shortly.


  1. Keep up with the Bonkers TC….. don’t want normal services to resume.
    Would love to play Bayonetta as I enjoyed the first one. Granted this is not the 2nd but still seeing that vid just want to play it.
    Tempted by Turok used to spend many hours on that game on SNES…. Will think about it.

  2. Bayo in Smash is brilliant! Who would have thought the ballot payed off?!

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