Discover Yarny’s Inspiration In The New Unravel Trailer

Coldwood Interactive has released a a new trailer showing the “fragile but capable” Yarny, and the inspiration for the game and character.


“Yarn means a lot of things in Unravel,” explains Creative Director Martin Sahlin. “It represents the bonds between people, the red thread that ties everyone and everything together. It stands for love, and Yarny is the manifestation of all of those things. Tethered to something important at the start of the game (and trying to make it to the end without unraveling), Yarny is a helper – a positive force.”

Source: YouTube / Unravel



  1. I pretty much melt every time i see one of these gameplay videos, just realised it’s releasing tomorrow too!

  2. Looks cute. I hope they introduce some new game mechanics and don’t use the yarn theme only as a skin on a generic platformer. So far it’s promising, and the kids will definitely like it.

    • As far as I am aware, the yarn is as much a skin as it is a tool for traversing the environment. I believe its integral to the gameplay &/or navigation of the levels.

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