Payday 2 To Get Goat Simulator DLC On January 14th

Overkill Software has confirmed that it will be getting a Goat Simulator heist from January 14th, and that’s due to collaborating with Coffee Stain Studios. The DLC pack has been priced at $6.99 and it will include a two day heist, a new secondary shotgun, four new melee weapons, four new masks, four materials, and five new achievements. There’s also two new tracks by Simon Viklund.

The plot of this DLC has the players intercept a truck filled with cocaine, except there are goats instead. They have to be caught and processed to gain access to the drug. There is currently a 25% extra XP event going on in Payday 2, and this DLC will be part of that too.

Source: Youtube/IGN


  1. And it seems that the Payday community is up in arms about it. Kinda a weird game to do to a tie-in with. Also, it’s crap. Goat simulator, a parody of simulator games and intentionally broken and buggy. Payday, a bank robbery game. Kinda fail to see how they get together.

    • If only you knew the world of a goat, you wouldn’t say that.

      • After speaking with the lawyers, neither me or TSA can confirm or deny any interactions between goats and the resident nutter known as El Steveo the crazyo.

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