Mortal Kombat X Enhanced Online Beta Begins Next Week

Netherrealm has announced that it will be conducting a beta test for Mortal Kombat X’s improved online infrastructure, and that it shall start next week. The Enhanced Online Beta can be applied to by those who have put in at least an hour of online play in Mortal Kombat  X. This will be a multi week event where those who do partake are encouraged to let Netherrealm know what is and isn’t working. Everyone who applies will be checked by Netherrealm before being invited or declined. The beta will feature 1 vs 1 matches only.


To apply follow these instructions:

  1. Choose the console platform of which you played MKX.
  2. Enter the email to your WBPlay account which is connected with your game
  3. Click Enter and make sure you see the sign up confirmation.
  4. Starting the week of January 18th invite emails will be sent with a code for the beta. Go to your system of choice, redeem, and begin the beta.

The beta will be for Xbox One and PS4, with the sign up page located at this link.

Source: Youtube/Mortal Kombat Site