Cerny & Kojima Join Forces For Tech Trip, Has Interesting Twitter Follow

PlayStation 4 architect and Knack creator, Mark Cerny, has joined Twitter and his first tweets reveal that he is on a fact finding mission with the latest addition to #TeamSony, Hideo Kojima.


Obviously this has something to do with Kojima’s new game of which we know absolutely nothing.

However, there maybe a tiny hint to their plans if you look at Mark Cerny’s followers. He’s new to Twitter and follows just eleven people, and every single one of them is a top developer or senior person in the console industry; Neil Druckmann, Shuhei Yoshida, Dylan Cuthbert and similar.

Except one.

He is also following long time Kojima collaborator Guillermo del Toro. Del Toro has said he would love to work with Kojima again and now free of shackles of Konami, Kojima can work with who he likes on his forthcoming PS4 game. Of course it may just be Cerny is just a huge Del Toro fan, but his name does look out of place amongst the list of devs and game producers.

Tech by Cerny, story by Del Toro, game by Kojima. Pure speculation, but you never know….

Source: Twitter

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  1. For the love of everything that’s Holy, please let this be true.

  2. I think the Internet would collapse if that was true!

  3. Brillo! What a team! If Del Torro is also involved I think they could make a rather special computer game baby together.

  4. They could probably get the Silent Hills ip off Konami for a multipack of Mars and a bottle of coke. They’re pretty much not going to do anything with it anytime soon.

    • Konami would probably refuse just out of spite/pride

      • That actually reminds me of an episode of Entourage when a movie studio bought the rights to a movie they had no intention of making just so that Vince couldn’t star in it.

        Granted, that’s fiction, but it depends on just how far out of the pram Konami would consider throwing their toys.

      • I wouldn’t put it past them but if they ever want to repair their public image it would be a good first step.

  5. These people are more than capable of building a new up to sideswipe Silent Hill, so, whatever they do is going to rule

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