[UPDATE] Report Suggests Nintendo NX “May Work With PlayStation 4”

Well this is the weirdest rumour I have ever come across in the six years I have been reporting news for TheSixthAxis: The forthcoming Nintendo NX console “may work with smartphones, PCs and even rival consoles such as PlayStation4.”


The rumour comes via a tweet from Takashi Mochizuki from the Wall Street Journal, and appears to reference a report from David Gibson, a highly reputable chap who reports on Japanese gaming and tech for Macquarie.

Macquarie, where Gibson is Senior Analyst and Regional Head of Software at Services, is a is a research firm. It covers equities, economics, commodities, debt markets, foreign exchange, futures, and environmental, social and governance sector.

Quite how the NX will “work” with the devices is unclear, and it does cast doubt as to what the NX might be. We’ve been assuming it will be something similar to a standard console, but what if it’s small bit of hardware that connects to an app on any device. It could be a box no bigger than mobile phone that you can carry with you and and you just launch the app that connects with the NX on whatever device you want to play on – SmartTV, PC, iPhone… or PS4.

We do know that app developer DeNA is involved with the project, suggesting the NX will be more mobile that Wii U and have rather better networking features than previous consoles.

All Nintendo has said is that it will be “a new experience,” and they are “not building the next version of Wii or Wii U. It’s something unique and different.”

Here is the full text of the report.


Source: Techradar / Twitter




  1. Perhaps this will be something like Gaikai / Onlive maybe?

    • Yeah sounds like it could be, maybe they’ll only sell the controller and an app? Although a little box would be better for us slow internetees.

  2. Next we will have PS4 and Xbox One working together!

  3. This crazy! Is this implying I could possibly play Mario and Zelda on my PS4! Has hell frozen over?!

  4. Curioser and curioser.

  5. Gentlemen, you had my curiosity but now you have my attention.

  6. Analysts’ wet dream. Nothing to see.

    As you were.

    Move on.

  7. Seems NeoGaf have picked up on this article!


  8. It’s a fitness/health tracker device with a bit of gaming involved. You heard it here first!

  9. I’m going to be reasonable and suggest it could be a Miiverse app.

  10. Uhhh… this sounds less like a game console and more like a wireless HDMI/ gamepad peripheral, like a universal Wii U Gamepad. I hope at least Nintendo knows what they’re building over there because they’ll need to explain it better than they did the Wii U…

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