The Next Nintendo Switch Details Will Come In January 2017

Excited about Nintendo Switch? Want to know more juicy details about the tech? Love the fact that it looks like a dog? Visiting your bank manager to sort out a loan and want to know how much to ask for? Well, Nintendo are going to keep you waiting until next year.

Just as people are eager to learn more about the system, Nintendo have said that the next we’ll hear about it will be on January 13th, 2017 at the Nintendo Switch Presentation in Japan, which will be streamed live around the world. Because time zones are fun, that will be on the 12th in the US. The exact timing will be confirmed at a later date.


The presentation will include the exact launch date as well as look at the lineup of games in development for the system. It certainly sounds like a more traditional press conference, and January is when Nintendo will be allowing the media to try the system out.

Hands on events for the public will also occur at around the same time, with one already being confirmed for January 14th and 15th at Japan Big Sight.

See you in the new year, Switch.

via Engadget, press release

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  1. Will be nice to get some more information. Doubt I will get one right away (an Xbox One, PS4 and PC is enough!) but that new Zelda is looking great.

  2. Very little else in the world offers me the type of excitement generally exclusive to children like new Nintendo products so yes, extremely excited for more news.

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