Pixel Piracy, Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime And Wondershot All Confirmed For PS4

Sony has been teaming up with quite a few developers and today some more games were announced for the PS4. These are Pixel Piracy, Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime and Wondershot. The latter two focus quite a lot on multiplayer though Lovers can be played as a single player title.


Players must take control of a large spaceship in Lovers Of A Dangerous Spacetime, working together to avoid the many dangers the universe holds. Those who play solo will have the option of either having Doppler the dog or Kepler the cat to partner with, who must be given orders to make sure the ship survives things like attacks or natural dangers. There are a host of difficulty levels to make the game accessible to everyone. The game is out February 9th.

Wondershot is being developed by Leikir Studios and is a multiplayer focused title, with both competitive and cooperative modes. The main point of the matches is that there are one hit kills, so you have to have quick reflexes to beat your opponents. In the cooperative modes you’ll team up to take out AI enemies. There is currently no release date for Wondershot.

Pixel Piracy is a rather successful indie title on PC, and the game itself is an open world pirate RPG. Players can recruit a crew to sail around the oceans, get into battle with other ships, and search for treasure. Players will build ships block by block, with each block making the pirate ship a little more formidable. It’ll have to be well maintained and the crew will need to be taken care of too. Pixel Piracy will release February 16th.

Source: PS Blog/2/3



  1. Pixel Piracy video says Feb 16th at the end of the trailer.

    • So it does. Must have missed it.

  2. Lovers I’m looking forward to.. the rest.. nah.

  3. They all look horrific if you ask me!

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