The Life Is Strange Commentary Track Is Free For Everyone

Subtitles have also been added

Announced as part of the boxed special edition of Life Is Strange, the directors commentary track is now available to download for free if you have the digital edition on Xbox One and PC.

PlayStation 4 owners will have a slight delay, the reasons for which are not specified, and can download the commentary on January 25th. Update 1.07, which includes the commentary, also adds  Spanish, German, and French subtitles for those wishing to play along in their home language.

I was rather late picking up the game and I’m currently half way through chapter three, and kicking myself for not picking it up earlier. If you haven;t got it already, I highly recommend you pick up Life Is Strange, and grab some tissues as well because there are some truly heart breaking moments.

The game picked up the Best Narrative and Best Character awards during our end of year celebrations, and scored 9/10 in our review with Teflon calling it “a deeply impactful game that shouldn’t be missed.”

Source: Square Enix

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  1. Bought this about 2 months ago and it’s still on my to play list. Getting Bloodborne and Vice City out of the way first

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