SNOW Closed Beta On PS4 This Spring

SNOW, the annoyingly capitalised winter sports game, will be getting a beta on PlayStation 4 following the success of the recent closed PC beta.

“We hope to launch a Closed Beta on PS4 in early spring,” said Poppermost Productions marketing manager Thomas Joubert. “Now that SNOW is in Open Beta on PC, we can start to focus more on the PS4 version. We have a working build and have shown it at a few shows, but needed the extra time to make sure it was optimised for a console launch.”


Thomas also confirmed that they see a “great potential for VR in SNOW” and “will try to support all the different VR devices on PC and PS4, as soon as they are released to the public.”

As for an Xbox One version, the team are busy on the PC and PS4 versions but say they will look in to it after the PS4 version.

Source: RedBull



  1. I’m definitely looking forward to this one. We need a good ski/board game on the PS4. Still don’t quite get why there’s been such a lack of these types of games to be honest. They always sold quite well.

    • I’d much rather see another SSX, that trailer made this game look extremely dull which is massively disappointing as like you say we need a good ski game.

      • It does maybe have a bit too much of a realistic feel to it if they are going to stick to actual groomed slopes. If they throw in some off piste extreme downhill then it could be great. I loved SSX but personally want a bit of a middle ground. Semi realistic but at the same time crazy. None of this 1080 mctwist off a rail rubbish please.

        (however, saying that, I’d kill to get to play a modern Tokyo from SSX, the one with the fan so you could do laps!)

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