The SNOW PS4 Beta Begins On October 18th

Poppermost Productions will be allowing PS4 players to hit the slopes from October 18th when the SNOW  beta begins, though it will cost $19.99 to join it. Players will be able to venture around the mountainous open world by using skis, snowboards, and snowmobiles. Those who play the beta will receive a founder’s pack for the full game when it launches. A specific release date is currently unknown for SNOW.


SNOW is a free to play title so the fee above is for what is essentially early access and bonus content.

Source: Youtube/Official Site

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  1. Can someone explain how you have to PAY to get in to the BETA of a F2P game?

    • Impatience costs? Weird, huh.

      • So does patience if you’re drinking Guinness.

  2. By the looks of that trailer, they should be giving it away for free and hoping the beta improves the game. Looks pretty poor. And with Steep not too far away, even being F2P might not save this.

  3. Is that trailer from gameplay on iOS or Android? [this is now my stock sarcastic response to p poor gameplay footage]

  4. I should not have watched that trailer. Stupid Florida weather makes me an automatic sucker for anything featuring or based in a snowy environment. Not paying the early entry fee but I’m definitely interested.

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