February’s PlayStation Plus Games Officially Revealed

As we found out yesterday Helldivers and Nom Nom Galaxy are part of February’s PlayStation Plus offerings, with Helldivers being cross-buy so you get the PS3 and PS Vita versions as well. PlayStation 3 owners will also get Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and some muddy racing action in Grid Autosport.

Rounding things off are Lemmings Touch on PS Vita and Nova 111, which available for all three platforms.


If you haven’t grabbed them yet, you still have time to snaffle the January games.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Apart from Rocket League, I cant remember the last time I downloaded anything on PS Plus on my PS4. The titles on offer are generally crappy indie titles that I have no interest in.

    When you compare it to what Xbox One owners are getting each month its really pretty poor.

    Why not even throw in some of those PS3 titles available on PS4 as part of PS Plus, or some of the older releases that you can buy new at budget price?

    Hardware Rivals, Grim Fandango, Helldivers and Nom Nom Galaxy aren’t exactly floating my boat.

    • XB1 did get “Zheroes” this month, an indie title with a score of 59 on Metacritic, not exactly top notch! They also got Killer Instict (73 on Metacritic). They aint exactly blwoing PS+ out of the water!

      I’m suprised Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall haven’t made it to PS+ tho, id guess SF will be held back until Horizon: Zero Dawn is about to come out.

      • A fair point comparing this months offerings, but its all pretty disappointing so far on the PS Plus front you have to admit.

        There’s really been nothing worth getting excited about. I don’t even think I’ve ever bothered to vote for which one should feature as the free title of the month, mainly as I couldn’t care less out of those on offer.

        Hopefully it’ll pick up sooner or later though. There is the odd indie gem in there I suppose :D

      • They still do that ‘vote’ thing? I thought it was like a one-time thing.

        I have to say that it’s been very subdued since if they are still doing it – I haven’t heard anything about it since Grow Home was voted in.

  2. Hmmm someone has been copying and pasting last months posts again! Links are all wrong! :)

    • What links? The links are for last months games, as it says “If you haven’t grabbed them yet, you still have time to snaffle the January games.”

      The Feb games arent live yet so no links.

      Now go sit in the corner for trying to be cheeky!

      • I’ve been in the corner for my shameful not reading the post correctly, can I go now?

      • Did you say two Hail Peter’s, a Hail Alex and Hail Lord Mooch to appease the founding fathers?

    • I think it must be the store that is messed up..

      • LOOK. AT. A. CALENDER. It’s still January, this is next months PS+, so isn’t live yet.


      • I never said anything about the links – i said the store must be messed up. :P
        But i probably should have made a new comment rather than add to an existing one. Apologies for the confusion but if you look at the image above – it’s from the last link in the article for last months Legends of War: Patton. The page shows Bastion as the game title, priced at €29.99, but then the game description right beside it is for Legends of War.

  3. I’m quite happy with these, one of the best updates in a while imo. Nearly bought both Helldivers and Nom Nom in the past. Hardware Rivals and Grim Fandango were both deleted within a couple of days of downloading them.

    • But Hardware Rivals is silly amounts of fun. Especially with the update that added lots of new modes. The one where you only have bombs, no other weapons, for instance.

      I wish I’d only “nearly” bought Helldivers and Nom Nom Galaxy in the past too. But they’re both good, so I don’t regret it, really. Especially Nom Nom Galaxy. How many other soup factory simulators are there?? Also, the “old phone sat too close to speakers” noise at the end of the day amuses me every time.

  4. Thanks for the previous links, i forgot to add the vita games to my download queue.

  5. I hope one day in the very near future they just run out of crappy indie games to give away. If I’d remembered to uncheck ‘automatic renewal’ I wouldn’t have bothered, the Plus games have been dreadful since the PS4 came along with its Plus requirement to play online. I can probably count on one hand the number of free games on PS4 that I’ve actually enjoyed and would’ve happily paid money for…

    Damn you, auto-renewal. And damn you, shitty memory!

    • Yes, there have been some terrible games. Or at least, some that I didn’t enjoy.

      But there have been some great ones. We started off with Resogun for instance. In the first year, Resogun, Outlast, Dead Nation, Trine 2, PixelJunk Shooter, Fez, Velocity 2X, Dust and Spelunky stand out as good ones to me.

      2nd year? Injustice, Infamous First Light, Rogue Legacy, Transistor, Valliant Hearts, Never Alone, Rocket League, Sound Shapes, and several others (I’m going through the list quickly here!)

      3rd year of the PS4 so far? Gauntlet was surprisingly fun, Hardware Rivals is still entertaining me, and then there was that disgraceful situation of giving us part 1 of a game.

      I don’t think the PS4 offerings have been that bad, really. And February is giving us 2 that are definitely worth a go (I bought them already) and 1 that looks interesting.

      What are people expecting? To get maybe twice the value of a years PS+ subscription every month? Couple of “real, proper AAA games” each month? Maybe with the PS4 still selling silly numbers, people are still buying those older games? Why would publishers want them on PS+ when that’s happening?

      And if that did happen, some people would be demanding Sony drop the PS3/Vita from PS+ and give us 4 or 6 big games each month. Which wouldn’t happen. Even 2 won’t happen for a long time yet. It’d hurt sales of new games too much.

      • Oh crap. I went off on one of my rants again, didn’t I?

      • Horses for courses I guess. I can safely say I haven’t had my money’s worth since the PS4 came along – a lot of those games simply haven’t appealed to me or I haven’t enjoyed after giving them a go, whereas back when PS+ was optional there weren’t many months where nothing appealed to me.

        Maybe that’s the problem.
        Maybe they spoilt us pre-PS4 and set our expectations too high?
        Or maybe now PS+ is seen as essential by most, just so that you can play online, they don’t feel the need to reel customers in with a constant stream of top quality games?

        Whether or not it’s good value for money is subjective. I’ve never been a huge fan of indie games (aside from the odd gem of course, admittedly) and that’s not what I bought my PS4 for.
        At the same time, my online gaming time has dwindled now our little un is old enough to kick me off the TV. Consequently, I’m spending £40 (damn you again, auto-renewal!) a year, making use of maybe two to three games a year, and not playing online unless a trophy tells me to and I’m somehow able to stay up till the nipper and his mum have both gone to bed… Urgh!

        I’m glad you’re getting your money’s worth, honestly I am, and maybe I’m in the minority but in my opinion it’s just not the same service we bought into 5 years ago and it’s not one of value to me anymore sadly :-(

      • Came for the rant, stayed for the sensible explanations. :)

        Basically you are spot on, but in other ways Lyts is also correct. Let’s face it, not all of those games are going to appeal to everyone (which is to be expected), but for some, they have found very little to nothing to like at all. Personally, I am not complaining as whilst I haven’t downloaded a whole lot, I have had some decent stuff.

        Some months I just don’t bother with anything though. Waste of bandwidth. Gameplay is of course king, but if a game looks as though it could have run on my spectrum 25 years ago, I see no reason why I need on my PS4. Granted, load times are likely a bit quicker on PS4, but still…

        I am personally not complaining about it (would run out of HDD space fast if I downloaded everything anyway!), but there are a few titles that are likely not selling so well now that they could have offered – Knack & Killzone being a couple of suggestions above. I was initially going to say NFS Rivals (now that Need For Speed is out), but that probably has some EA Access link that PS Plus just can’t get around.

        Overall though, I feel that the main problem with is the PS3. When Plus first arrived on PS3, it took a couple of months, but was churning out AAA titles from the back catalogue on quite a regular basis. What people aren’t considering with the PS4 is that it doesn’t have the grounding that PS3 had when Plus kicked off, so they don’t really have a lot of stuff to choose from at the moment. Pair that with the amount of time that some titles are remaining at full price these days & that’s pretty much about it!

        Overall, I think that they are doing ok, but they probably will need to look at getting stuff on there soon that people want to play rather than focussing on indies all the time. One big game per quarter wouldn’t be a lot to ask I don’t think & would go a long way to appease some that aren’t quite so happy with the lineup each month.

      • Yes, PS4 games are keeping their price up for a lot longer. Which is all tied together to explain why we’re not getting “AAA” PS4 games on PS+.

        So many PS4s have been sold in such a short time. After it took so long for the PS3 to come out ahead, the PS4 success is a surprise. It’s vaguely possible, but unlikely, that the huge lead the PS4 has at the moment could be overturned. Like the tale of the hairy tortoise. But even the PS3 wasn’t that far behind. (I’m counting the Wii as PS2 generation here). Winning 4 times in a row is a remarkable feat.

        So now we’ve got more PS4s sold than there should be. And less games than there should be. Not really surprising the older ones are still selling, prices are staying up, and publishers don’t want to do PS+ deals.

        But that’s changing. Prices of older games are starting to fall. Newer games aren’t staying at full price quite as long as they were 2 years ago. We’ll get bigger games on PS+ at some point. Later this year maybe? 6 years of PS+ in June, so maybe something then? 3 years of the PS4 in November, so something else then? Or 21 years of Playstation in September (for the EU/US).

        We might well get something this year. Not every month. Maybe only 2 or 3 times. And then more next year.

      • Who doesn’t love a good rant? Reading or typing it!

        A couple of big games a year would be nice, I’m certainly not expecting Sony to throw a big game out every month and I can’t see the publishers going for that when PS4 is likely where most of their sales come from, but it just seems their focus, or maybe their priority, has shifted to smaller indie games that probably wouldn’t sell so well on their own merits.

        Again, it’s all subjective, and some will obviously get a lot more value out of it than others. I’ll never tell you “you’re wrong because PS+ is shit and that’s all there is to it”, I’m not that narrow minded :-) but definitely, in my opinion the quality of the games we receive has taken a serious nose dive… Even when you compare the likes of Outlast or Resogun with Fez or Spelunky.

  6. My cousin has been wanting to play Helldivers with me, so I guess I’ll pick that up.

  7. anybody else seeing the Battlefield Hardline picture on the page for that Patton Vita game?


    it even says Legends of War, but the picture is Battlefield.

    anyway, meh for me.

    i did think there was one i was looking forward to, but then i realised i was thinking of Worms, not Lemmings.
    so back to meh.

    • Looks like they’ve realised & changed that picture now – Definitely isn’t a picture from Hardline I have ever seen! :D

    • It came up Bastion for me, but still with the legends of War description. :/

  8. As everyone else, I’m not really excited about the games here, but I’ve got more than enough to play, so I’m not complaining. And Sony is selling a lot of PS4s and loads of the owners have Plus, so they don’t really have to make an effort. A good game once in a while would be nice, though.

  9. Over 2 years since PS4 release and still getting absolute garbage on PS Plus. But hey, i’m forced to pay now to play online so i’ll keep checking in each month to see what other crap is on offer.

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