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The Latest PS Vita Firmware May Be A Little Borked

Some – but not all – PlayStation Vita owners are reporting that the latest firmware update is causing issues with the console. The firmware, which removed Facebook from PS Vita and PS Vita TV, seems to have stopped some users access the PlayStation Store and other PSN features.

There are multiple threads on the PlayStation Forums (here and here for example), NeoGAF and Reddit.

Stuck on the “Please Wait…” screen. Happened as soon as I updated my firmware. I can see friend requests, and I’m getting certain updates, but the playstation store won’t load. I have other internet connectivity, and even the scrolling ads on the Storefront open, but actually trying to open the store doesn’t work.

Sony have yet to respond to the issue, if you haven’t updated then it may be worth holding off till the issues are resolved.

Source: NeoGAF, Reddit, PS Forums via Gameranx


  1. Good to know, thanks chaps!

  2. I’ve had this issue. Just having checked my trophies of Dokuro I noticed it was after last Wednesdays update that I used the store on Vita that this was the problem. I tried to buy of Ps webstore to try and sort it by pushing it as an automatic download and kept my Vita awake but still didn’t auto-download. I did manage to force my Vita through download list in the end to sort it.

  3. No problems here, except for last night when I was trying to play something and got a “Oh noes! There be a firmware update! Download it or we won’t let you go online, even though there’s probably no reason why we can’t allow it”

    So I did. And it all works fine.

  4. I had problems accessing the store on my Vita for ages, long before this firmware arrived. But, thanks for the info, I’ll not update for the moment.

    • Does yours start loading then come up with an error? I can’t remember the wording but I got the impression it was timing out?

      • That should’ve been a reply to your comment, not sure why it keeps doing that on my mobile…

      • Yes, the Vita store is terrible.

        Something went wrong ages ago, Sony never fixed it.

  5. It’s been quite a while that I used the store in the Vita, but it loaded everything extremely slowly, and got connection problems all the time, although I had none on my side. Timeouts too, can’t remember the error messages though.

  6. Why are they removing something as popular as facebook? This is like when they removed the youtube app that was actually pretty decent.

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